JX-3P MIDI Expansion kit

Welcome to this very basic temporary website of the JX-3P kit. Unfortunately my original website no longer works due to a server update.
I have to switch to another CMS platform. In meanwhile you can still download the important files of the JX-3P kit.

Manuals and applications:
JX-3P MIDI Expansion Kit Manual V2.01.pdf

Max for Live JX-3P Editor
JOX’3P JX-3P Editor

YouTube demos (made by users):
Controlling Roland JX 3P (Organix Mod) with iPad & MIDI Designer Layout by Rainer Keizer
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 01
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 02
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 03
Roland JX3P+organix MIDI option+iRig+iPG200 ipad TouchOSC
Space Mosquito - Roland JX3P+Organix MIDI+iRIG+iPG200
Roland JX-3P demo 'One synth song'

Ordering info:

Update 15 jan 2017: Sorry, no more orders will be currently taken. The waiting list is completely full and I do not have anymore time to handle more orders at the moment.
I am still making kits for the current waiting list, but due to my busy job I can only produce a very few kits each month. For the moment I cannot say when I will open a new waiting list.
It will be at least in the second half of 2017.

You can reach me at:

Last changed: Januari 15th 2017