JX-3P MIDI Expansion kit

Welcome to this very basic temporary website of the JX-3P kit. Unfortunately my original website no longer works due to a server update.
I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have to switch to another CMS platform. I am working on a new website that will be ready someday.

In the meanwhile you can still download the important files of the JX-3P kit.

Manuals and applications:
JX-3P MIDI Expansion Kit Manual V2.01.pdf

Max for Live JX-3P Editor
JOX’3P JX-3P Editor

YouTube demos (made by users):
Controlling Roland JX 3P (Organix Mod) with iPad & MIDI Designer Layout by Rainer Keizer
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 01
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 02
JX-3P with velocity sensitivity /organix Sound demo #part 03
Roland JX3P+organix MIDI option+iRig+iPG200 ipad TouchOSC
Space Mosquito - Roland JX3P+Organix MIDI+iRIG+iPG200
Roland JX-3P demo 'One synth song'

Ordering info:
The costs for the DIY version are EUR 40,-.
The costs for the Prebuild version are EUR 55,-.

Shipping costs inside Europe are EUR 11,50. Outside Europe EUR 16,50.

Due to the many requests I am handling a waiting list.

Summer 2016 batch:
Sorry, the waiting list for the Summer 2016 batch is full. No new orders can be placed for the Summer 2016.

Kits of the the Summer 2016 batch will be made from April to September. People who are on the waiting list will get an email when their kit is ready.

The next batch will be planned somewhere in the Autumn of 2016. Please send me an email if you would like to be added to the waiting list of the Autumn 2016 batch.

You can reach me at:

Last changed: April 4th 2016